New Сategory in Inbox Games – Online Games!

April 10,2012

In the Inbox Games section a column Online Games has appeared. At the moment it contains 6 games:

MondoZooPark – a game that allows You to create and manage a great zoo. Each player will discover a wonderful and varied world of flora and fauna. Colorful decorations and entertaining assignments allow submerge Yourself in an extraordinary adventure of the world of animals!
1100 AD – a new medieval strategy game designed for a large number of players. In this game each player will be able to control his possession, to attack the enemy and eventually get to feel him/herself a great emperor!
Shards of the Dreams – it’s a fantasy game, designed for a large number of players. Players will be able discover new lands, to attain respect of powerful fractions and compete with creatures of nightmares.
1 Pirate – a game in which players are looking for ancient and modern warships, are involved in the battles on the water and fights on the ground, and conquer a lot of bloodthirsty monsters.
MondoFoot – a game that allows You to create and manage a football team and participate in the World Championship!
Imants Ziedonis’ Digital Museum – this game gives a player a chance to virtually get to know Imants Ziedonis’ summer house “Dzirnakmeni”, which is made as his creative museum, and to learn poet’s “Epiphanies” in interactive and attractive way.
For users’ convenience a smooth transition of mini-games to online games is designed and every game shows a number of players online. In order to start an online game, You must register.
In addition, Inbox Games is now available not only for the residents of Latvia, but also for foreign Internet users.
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