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“Inbokss Ltd” is Latvian company established in 1998 and from the very beginning of its activities, company is taking active part in development of IT projects. In 2001 the project Inbox.lv was initiated with e-mail storage Inbox Mail as its main product. With every coming year portal Inbox.lv has been supplemented with new products, providing new dynamics and services, which make the product even more appealing for its customers. In the middle of 2007 “Inbokss Ltd” expanded its activities and established the portal in Lithuania – www.inbox.lt. In 2011 the domain e-mail Inbox.eu were made accessible for all Internet users, but in late 2014 “Inbokss Ltd” successfully appended Estonian email service mail.ee to its package of products. In the spring of 2017, the postal service @tvnet.lv was completely transferred to the Inbox.lv technical platform. In May 2021, users of balticom.lv started to use inbox.lv mail platform successfully, at the beginning of 2022 inbox.lv opens registration for users with a domain name – mail.lv

Would like to separately mention the PP.LV project, which was launched by the developers of inbox.lv in April 2020. The name stands for “Pērc un Pārdod” (Buy and Sell), and the product is a modern platform for posting free ads for individual and commercial users. In 2023, the product updated its logo and design, making it more noticeable and unique for internet users.

Due to long work experience and professional business approach we can surely affirm that “Inbokss Ltd” is a stable, non-stop evolving company. For its stability testifies long and mutual collaboration with well-known advertisement agencies and large-scale programming and hardware companies in Latvia and abroad.

We want to emphasize that “Inbokss Ltd” from its very beginning pays lot of attention to growth and progression. Constant search for new ideas, analysis of world tendencies, attraction of new specialists during all these years of activity make company competitive, but portal Inbox.lv attractive to users in respect of their age, sex or occupation.

Since March, 2011 SIA Inbokss is a member of the Latvian Advertising Association (LAA) – a society uniting three operating sides of the advertising industry – advertisers, media and advertising agencies. The main task is to establish the advertising market, improve the quality of advertising, to create in society a positive image of advertising and fighting with the development of new standards in the law, which restrict advertising in the media.
Since September 19, 2011 SIA Inbokss is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), which is a non-governmental, voluntary organisation uniting Latvian companies of different sectors. The aim of the organisation is to create favourable business environment, represent economic interests of Latvia’s enterprises and offer business promotion services. LCCI represents business interests through a dialogue with national and local governments and participates in the drafting of commercial legislation in Latvia.
Since June 18, 2012 SIA Inbokss is a member of the Latvian Association of Computer Technology (LDTA), which is oriented on the development of the information technology industry and represents the interests of companies operating in this area, and also participates in the development of the various normative acts and laws.
SIA Inbokss is cooperating closely with the CERT.LV – The Information Technologies Security Incident Response Institution, which maintains common electronic information space monitoring, provides support in information technologies security incident prevention or coordinates their prevention and also performs many other duties that directly affect the quality of IT.
SIA Inbokss is a member of The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA), which is a professional association, oriented on advancing the education in the IT sector.
Since January 1, 2014 SIA Inbokss joined the initiative of “LEAD” company – “Godīgs eiro ieviesējs” (Honest Euro Introducer). This initiative involves pointing the prices for services in lats and euros, to ensure that the transition to the euro for the inhabitants of Latvia will be as calm as possible and it will help to navigate the price of both currencies. In this regard, businesses that supported this initiative, guarantee that they will not use the euro introduction as a reason for increasing prices for their products or services.

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