New design for page on Facebook

October 1,2012 opens a new season with a fresh Facebook page design and content. Its followers have an opportunity not only to be the fist to learn newsletter, gain access to the most interesting games, the most beautiful pictures and the wittiest jokes, but also participate in various competitions. Join host of followers today!

Internet users parallel to the e-mail increasingly are using a variety of social networks. In May 2012 set up his own page on Facebook. Within a few months, it attracted more than 330 followers, so in late summer it was decided to update it. Now page on Facebook provides both – a visual and an informative satisfaction!

What to expect following our Facebook page?

  • Information about different competitions, where You can win valuable prizes, such as tickets for concerts;
  • The latest, the wittiest and the most popular jokes in different formats from the Inbox Fun;
  • News about our products;
  • The latest, the best quality and the most beautiful pictures of the Inbox Photo;
  • Photo of the activities supported by;
  • Information on the latest games from the Games Inbox;
  • team’s daily life and leisure;
  • Much more.

If You want to be the first to find out what the leading internet portal of Latvia is prepared for You today, follow us on Facebook now! More information on –

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