New password recovery method available – via e-mail!

August 28,2014 portal offers a new additional method of password recovery for its users – via e-mail, and recommends that You take a couple of minutes of Your time to activate this feature by following these steps:

  • Go to the mail settings and open “password recovery” section
  • Specify in the “e-mail” field any other active mailbox. Save your changes!
  • Go to the specified mailbox
  • Open letter from with the subject ” E-mail address verification”
  • Follow the link in the e-mail

If everything was done correctly, you will see a successful confirmation message, after which this mailbox can be used for password recovery. Read more

If you do not have an optional e-mail address – register it on

Data for your account password recovery is important information in the user profile, which will help You regain access back easily and quickly in case if You’ve lost the password. Please fill in the missing information and check the data for password recovery in Your profile. Thanks.

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