Inbox Payment. New Inbox Mail+ payment options!

aprill 24,2012

Recently Inbox Payment system has been supplemented with new payment options, what makes the purchase of all pay products and services even faster and simpler.

First of all, an option to pay for the purchase using not only Swedbank but also SEB bank online bank has appeared. Also for the customer conveniences the purchase of Inbox Mail+ and pay services of online games now is possible by online payment by credit card. At this moment any Visa and MasterCard issued by any Latvian bank is admissible.

In response to foreign users request now a new payment option has been added to the purchase of Inbox Mail+, – it’s a payment system Paypal.

To get acquainted with product and to purchase Inbox Mail+ by using any of options of above you can here: You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our prices!

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