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February 13,2013

Among other things, Inbox offers e-mail services for businesses and organizations using a domain that is already in their possession. For clients, this service will be known as Inbox Bizmail. Registration and use of the Inbox Bizmail service are free so far, so Inbox urges You to create and use e-mail with Your domain now.

“Every day we talk to the Inbox clients, who are very happy with the services provided by Inbox Mail, and do not want to part with such a familiar environment of Inbox Mail, where everything is so convenient and clear, all at your fingertips. But at the same time they want to see the domain name of their organization or service instead of the domain. You’re welcome – it is now possible “- says Natalia Grigorieva, Head of the Products at Inbox.

Inbox Bizmail is very suitable for both large and small organizations that need a reliable and stable operation of the e-mail. This is a good offer for those who already have an existing domain e-mail, but do not want to waste their time on mail service support, software updates, anti-virus and spam protection.

Experienced specialists monitor the technical condition of Inbox Bizmail e-mail service 24/7, ensuring its smooth and reliable operation and performing a constant backup of data. High level of protection from spam and viruses is provided by Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Inbox Bizmail offers its clients the same e-mail services, reliability, stability and ease of which users of Inbox Mail have already experienced. The only thing that changes is the address of the domain and it’s worth noting that customers of Inbox Bizmail are free of advertising.

Inbox Bizmail client can access their e-mail through Outlook and other email programs as well. At the same time the user can work within usual, simple and understandable web-based interface of Inbox Mail, available anytime.

Starting the experience with Inbox Bizmail and managing it is easy and simple. The client, however, must acquire the domain that must be registered online at Inbox Bizmail, and then the user can begin adding an unlimited number of e-mails, setting the volume, options and limitations individually for each of them.

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