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March 26,2012

We are happy to announce the arrival of brand new updated Inbox Photo version. Together with informing about the improved functions, we would like to draw your attention to the main benefits of Inbox Foto as well.

  1. Faster and easier photo upload. Now you can choose several photos on your computer and upload them at once on your album using Drag’n’drop function;
  2. Other ways of upload are also available, for example, from your cell phone, e-mail or using FTP. That means sharing your photos needs less time and effort on your part;
  3. Photo print options. Just mark the photos you want to print and press “Order print”. Your order will be processed within 5 minutes. Price for one photo is from 0,07Ls, and you can pick up your order in any post office in Latvia;
  4. Photo editing options are supplemented with red eye filter. Now you need only one click to get rid of red eyes on your photos;
  5. Now you can rotate photos for as many degrees as you want. It will help you create really interesting pictures;
  6. The navigation system is upgraded. Now surfing through albums is made much easier;
  7. Better photo cutting options – you can choose, which part of photo is needed to be cut, yourself;

Check out the new Inbox Photo yourself! We are confident it meets any standard a user may have using photo storage service. In case of any questions or suggestions, please, contact us on:

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