Search and filter integration in Inbox Files

August 30,2012

This year August we’ve added two new developments to Inbox Files. First of them is search system, which searches from all the files in Your profile. You don’t have to type the full name to find a file. For effective search You can enter only part of the name whether it is the beginning or the middle of the file name, and the search will find all possible files with this combination. Do not forget that the search is also useful in case You need to find all files of a certain format, stored in Your profile.

The second development, which has expanded our product, is a special filter that displays a list of all the public files in Your profile. The filter works independently from the location of the file. This implementation was done upon the request of our customers in order to make the management of files’privacy more convenient and intuitive.

We want to draw attention to one feature of this filter – if You go to the filter and move Your mouse over any of the files, then folder with this file is automatically highlighted and You can see it on the left side in the folder tree.

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