Mobile application for users

October 17,2013

Since mid-October of this year, a new mobile application «» has become available in Google Play. It is a mobile version of Inbox Mail for users of portal in Lithuania.

The application contains the basic functionality such as:

  • notification of new mail;
  • availability to activate unlimited number of mailboxes;
  • sending and viewing of attachments;
  • Silent Mode for new mail notification;
  • light or dark theme for the application;
  • filters and different tags;
  • Deleting and moving letters in the mailbox;
  • Support for RU, EN, LT, LV, IT, PT, DE languages;
  • Search and more.

At the moment, the mobile app is only available for owners of Android phones and can be installed using Google Play.

If You have questions or technical problems, please use the feedback form in the app settings or write to

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