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Inbox.eu: Now 100 GB for your Personal & Business mailbox!

After recently launched a new, more convenient and easier to use version of the Inbox.eu e-mail service, the technical team continues to delight its users. This time, the improvements were related to the size of Inbox.eu mailboxes, which affected Inbox.eu … More

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lapkričio 6, 2019

New Inbox.eu Domain Email Version!

We are pleased to inform you that the launch of a new INBOX.EU version is planned in mid-August 2019. We have made every effort to make our product even better, more convenient to use, and – most importantly – to … More

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rugpjūčio 8, 2019

File sharing and storage service at Inbox.eu

Inbox.eu portal extends the range of offered services. Email solution for business customers now includes a new service Inbox.eu Files – service for storing and sharing documents. This service is an integral part of Inbox.eu service – no need for … More

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lapkričio 3, 2014

Inbox.lv – we are for small business!

Sorry, post is available in other languages.

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spalio 21, 2013

Inbox Bizmail – e-mail for organizations and businesses

Among other things, Inbox offers e-mail services for businesses and organizations using a domain that is already in their possession. For clients, this service will be known as Inbox Bizmail. Registration and use of the Inbox Bizmail service are free … More

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vasario 13, 2013

Inbox Bizmail – domain mail for everyone!

At the end of this summer „Inbokss” LTD has officially launched a new product – Inbox Bizmail domain mail. This product, available at www.inbox.eu, offers a postal service for all owners of any domain. Simply put, if You’ve ever purchased … More

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spalio 1, 2012