“Inbox Foto” – even easier and better!

April 8,2013

After the first page design on the site was changed, “Inbox Foto” galleries have become even more transparent and easily assessed. Yes, and it is also due to the introduction of new sections – “Editor’s Choice”, “Best Photos” and “New photos and videos.” Besides, the implantation of the section “Photo contests” has made “Inbox Foto” an entertainment portal with lots of illustrations.

Even before “Inbox Foto” was very convenient and practical tool for image and gallery archiving, photo editing, effect use. That gave the user the ability to share photos and galleries of 10 GB at any time and free of charge. Now the rich content of “Inbox Foto” has become even easier to browse and assess.

  • Editor’s Choice

“Inbox Foto” editor’s mission is to select and highlight the best photos – the ones that till now have been concealed in depths of “Inbox Foto”, as well as the recently installed. “Editor’s Choice” photos are being renewed daily.
Since “Inbox Foto” is up and running more than 16 million photos have been uploaded – spectacular scenery, sights of every city of the world, unique moments in everyday life, professional oversize images that capture scenery, animals, art life events and much more. On “Inbox Foto” is plenty to choose from…

  • Best photos

“Inbox Foto” best picture top is created based on audience ratings – those photos that collect the most “Likes” will be proudly placed on the first page of the portal. Looking at publicly accessible photos, anyone authorized “Inbox” user can vote for it with “Like”. For each photo user will be able to vote with “Like” only once, as well as this “Like” can be revoked if the user suddenly changed their mind about the picture.

  • New photos and videos

On the “Inbox Foto” first page now is possible to see the section, in which the most recent downloaded pictures and videos are placed. News section is constantly being updated and all the photos in it are submitted to the pre-moderation, that means that Inbox Photo editor keeps track of photos to match the content to the ethical norms.

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Comments (3)

  1.  Malva, May 10, 2013  14:09

    Jā ir ok!

  2.  Gints, April 11, 2013  05:19

    Izklausās labi.

  3.  Ivars, April 10, 2013  23:19

    Patīk bildēt dabas skatus…..