Portal Inbox.lv always is happy to take a part in informative support for any kind of sports, musical, social and other enterprises. Any proposal connected to enterprise, which can attract large part of Latvian population, is always considered with great interest.

We particularly are interested in:

  • enterprises concerning young people and children;
  • opportunity to be the only informative sponsor among Internet portals;
  • enterprises with wide media plan for radio and television;
  • enterprises, which allows presentation of products and services of Inbox.lv;

The more unique and interesting support proposal, the more appealing collaboration deal Inbox.lv is ready to make. Inbox.lv also supports the biggest social projects, which strive to increase the life quality of people in Latvia.

At the moment portal Inbox.lv collaborates and is the informative sponsor to:

If you’re interested in collaboration with Inbox.lv as an informative sponsor for your enterprise or you are ready to share with us any other interesting proposals, we ask you to send us your announcement and short description of your enterprise or your proposal to e-mail marketing@co.inbox.lv. Our marketing specialist will contact you in due two weekdays.


In case of using Inbox.lv logotype, please, familiarize yourself with information about rules of usage of Inbox.lv logotype, which is available in section “Logotypes”.

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