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Today it’s hard to find an Internet user in Latvia, who hasn’t used e-mail service Inbox.lv at some point of his life. Activity of the portal reaches the best part of people of Latvia, because at the moment Inbox.lv is not only the biggest portal in Latvia, used by more than 64% of population, but also the leader of all portals in almost all social and age groups.

Inbox.lv provides service for all Internet users more than 20 years. For all this time the number of activated e-mailboxes has gone beyond 10 millions and is still rising every day. For many years Inbox.lv is in the top of the most loved Latvian brands, which proves once more that work of ten years can be measured not only by numbers but by people’s appreciation as well.

Also worth to mention is the fact that Inbox.lv is one of few Latvian portals, which provides free of charge technical support for users not only by e-mail but by telephone 82 000 as well. Experienced professionals are always ready to answer any questions about any Inbox.lv product.

Inbox.lv offers to users far more than just e-mail service Inbox Mail. In the list of products you can find Calendar, Contacts, service for storing and sharing Files, service for storing and working with Fotos, Games section, and many others. It should be noted that in 2012 we developed mobile version of Inbox Mai - a convenient application with a modern design, available in Play Market stores for Android phones and iTunes store for iOS. Almost every product is free of charge services with wide range of facilities. More particular information about all products provided by Inbox.lv is available in section “Inbox products”.

From the beginning of 2017, the first page of Inbox.lv portal started to offer a selection of the most relevant and interesting news from various popular Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and other sources.

Portal Inbox.lv not only values and appreciates its users, but also express it’s thanks to all, who every day send their ideas and precepts regarding advancement of portal and take a part in its development.

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