NEW: “Inbox Foto” – regular contests and prizes

April 8,2013

“Inbox Foto” launches regular themed photo contests, giving the submitters of the best photographs incentives in the form of valuable prizes. The theme of the contests will be chosen to be simple, interesting and so the participation in the contest would be easy for everyone.

Already in early April everyone could participate in the photo contest with the theme “Chasing the fool”. We have received a lot of photos that evoke smiles in the audience. There is so much that can bring a smile or even a hearty laugh all around us: funny grimace, amusing background, weird coincidence, comical misunderstandings…

Now, only on you, our dear user, depends, which photo will take the prize. We encourage you to actively vote for the photo you like the most! The funniest photograph will be determined by the vote, which will run April 9 to 14.

All pictures taking part in the contest can be found here.

Submitter of the funniest photos will be rewarded with a special Weekendbox “MIX Classic” gift set worth of 30 lats, which compiles the best offers available.

Competition for the funniest photo will be followed by many similar competitions, the theme of which will change every fortnight and will cover a wide range of topics. In this way “Inbox” wants to emphasize the “Inbox Foto” as a popular and easy-to-use site for photo publishing, archiving, viewing and rating.

The new “Inbox Foto” design version will provide you with information about the active, new and past competitions on the first page of the website. This is the place where you will also be able to vote for your favorites, helping to determine the winners.

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  1.  Aija, April 10, 2013  23:40

    Paldies “Inbox Foto”! Kad datoram nobruka cietais disks, atklājās, ka neesmu visām bildēm saglabājusi kopijas diskos un citos atmiņas nesējos… Šajā bēdīgajā atgadījumā ļoti iepriecināja iespēja lejuplādēt no “Inbox Foto” trūkstošās…