“Inbox Files” – safe to store and easy to share

April 8,2013

During the five years since it was created “Inbox Files” has rapidly evolved and acquired firm user responsiveness. More than 100 thousand files are loaded on the “Inbox Files” monthly for a total of 2.5 TB (terabytes). At present, the total file size has exceeded 50 TB.

We remind you that everyone registered “Inbox” user can store up to 10 GB on “Inbox Files” for free but the single file size must not exceed 1.5 GB. A file can be in any format, it can contain movies, photos, presentations, office and also documents of specialized programs.

“Inbox Files” is a great fit for easily and quickly shared large files – both those which otherwise would not be possible to transfer, as well as those which could be sent by e-mail, but their size is clogging sending and receiving, as well as unnecessarily laden e-mail and computer memory resources. Everything is very simple! The file must be uploaded and saved on “Inbox Files”, then you can freely share it with friends and relatives by sending them a link to the file location.

Especially convenient sharing is among the “Inbox” users as there is no need for immediate file downloading, a simple redirection to your “Inbox Files” account will suffice.

“Inbox Files” is very suitable for large file publication on the Internet, as a link to the file location can be published on Internet websites, forums, blogs and these files become publicly available at any time from anywhere in the world.

Files on “Inbox Files” can be stored for private use only as well as shared – that is – used publicly.

Compared with other file storage and sharing service providers ‘Inbox’ offer has its advantages, such as the ability to manage and share one’s files from a single account along with e-mails, photos and videos. It is sufficient that the user is logged only once on their “Inbox” account and a very wide range of options are offered to them, including working with large files.

At the moment “Inbox Files” are used by a wide range of professionals in all age groups. Movies, videos, books, presentations, layout files, students’ academic work, etc. are being archived and transferred. “Inbox Files” are used by both – professionals and amateurs, pupils, students and retirees. “Inbox” predicts that based on the increase in cloud technology development and popularity, “Inbox Files’ popularity and usage will grow as well,” forecasts the “Inbox” product manager Nataļja Grigorjeva.

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  1.  Roller, April 11, 2013  23:14

    Paldies, failus ir ērti uzglabāt, ir viegli augšupielādēt, taču komplicēti lejuplādēt. Pakalpojums labs liela izmēra failiem, kurus var izvēlēties lejuplādēt pa vienam. Taču, ko darīt, ja ir noglabāti 400 mazi failiņi? Vai tos vajag lejuplādēt pa vienam??

  2.  TEIKSMA, April 11, 2013  16:56

    Loti skaisti !

  3.  TEIKSMA, April 11, 2013  16:54