Gravatar usage in mobile app!

January 25,2016

In the beginning of this week the latest upgrade of mobile app for users of phones with OS Android has been released. Inbox team has worked upon stabilization and efficiency improvement of the app. Problems with notifications operation, sending of files and other glitches of rare occurrence which show up only on certain gadgets of users have been fixed.

Also, 5.1.15 version has a brand new functionality. In the settings of the mobile app there is now a Gravatar feature option.

Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar which is stored at special server and follows your electronic address anywhere. To use it you have to register at one of the services representing gravatar (for example,, to add your avatar to your e-mail address – and your personal «logo» will be displayed next to your e-mail address in forums, comments, blogs as well as in mobile app

Of course, not all websites and applications support gravatar feature so far but their numbers are growing every day. If you are an active Internet user then gravatar will help to individualize you among other participants of forums and blogs, your general recognizability in the worldwide web will increase because users definitely perceive greater part of information visually.

In mobile app there are several variants of gravatar visual display next to received e-mails – it is possible to display only individual images or you can choose standard ones out of the offered list. Cute monsters and other funny characters are selected automatically for those who still don’t have a personalized gravatar. Try and explore it!

Please send us your comments about this novelty – your opinion is very important for us.

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