Fraudulent e-mails sent on behalf of

November 10,2017

     Every year in Latvia hundreds of people are deceived online. They have not only fallen for the schemes of fake lottery organisers and online fraudsters, but also for misleading information distributed on behalf of trying to extract user access data. Because of the recent significant increase in the number of different fraudulent e-mails, the national e-service prompts its users to be vigilant and to avoid disclosing any confidential information, as well as payments for vague purposes or recipients. It should be noted that sometimes online fraudsters pretend to be e-mail server hosts in order to access e-mail account access data that they later use to infect computers through e-mail for further data theft, so we want to emphasise that will never send e-mails requesting account passwords or other important information.

    As security experts point out, fraudulent e-mails more and more frequently use intimidating techniques such as “Your email account will be deleted!”, which prompt the user to react quickly! If you have received a suspicious e-mail and are not sure about its sender, please immediately inform our technical support service by emailing, and we will advise you on how to deal with the situation.

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