Our team


Inbox – is a few enthusiasts result of hard work over many years. These enthusiasts managed to build a team of true professionals which today continue to cooperate in order to support and develop a really qualitative product. This product – the leading and multi functional Latvian portal – Inbox.lv, which corresponds with all modern requirements of internet users, can successfully withstand Lithuanian (inbox.lt), Estonian (mail.ee) and European (inbox.eu) internet markets competition.

In 2000, we started our business as a major IT company, but now … we are proud of our team, because here works the most active, positive and focused employees. We are all very different – each of us is an individuality with different interests, characteristics and habits, but the Inbox is the thing which unites all of us as a whole.

Our team consists of professionals in various fields:

  • We have qualified and efficient sales department,
  • Creative marketing and PR team
  • An experienced financial department
  • The best programmers, designers and UI experts
  • Talented testing team, that deals with manual and automatic project testing
  • Polite and competent customer support department witch is fluent in Latvian, Russian, English, Lithuanian and Estonian languages
  • Our “invisible” system administrators and IT engineers
  • Understanding and employees loving chiefs

Currently Inbox team consists of more than 35 experienced, responsible and result-motivated professionals which is also the basis for the high quality of Inbox services.

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