Security code and some additions that is useful to know about

December 4,2012

Recently, the security code (CAPTCHA*) has been renewed for all products, we’ve added a new feature that helps users during the code input.

Sometimes it can be hard to understand, which particular letters are shown on the picture. When it comes to letters [i] and [l], then it’s a real challenge to distinguish them. Regardless of the fact that we don’t use numbers in our security code, many users aren’t aware of that and often type number [Ø] instead of letter [O]. In order to simplify the input of the security code, we’ve added following rules: [i]=[l]=[1] and [O]=[Ø]. From now on, it doesn’t matter whether user has entered [i], [l] or [1] – the result is always correct.

Remember that security code isn’t case-sensitive and You don’t need to use capital letter while entering it, both small and capital letters can be used for the input. Additional information regarding security code is provided in the Help section.

*CAPTCHA is a security code required to enter upon registration or login process. The code is essential for the protection from spam letters, flood messages and password cracking.

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