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Inbox.lv Logo Usage Guidlines

This guidline contains a description and visual examples of Inbox.lv logo usage – various combinations on different backgrounds and by the use of certain color. Inbox.lv logo is a registered trademark of SIA Inbokss.

Original Logo

Original logo – it is the main, preferred embodiment of the logo used on a Web pages, applications and other products, for example, for press or print. This logo can be replaced by alternate black and white only if the original logo for some reason can not be applied.
Standard: JPG , PNG, EPS , PSD, SVG, PNG (210x51px), JPG (520x275px),
PNG with text (1600x900px, 16:9), PNG with text (710x238px), PDF format, ZIP archive

Alternative black and white logos

The following logos may be used as an alternative to printed materials, if color print can’ t be used.
Black Inbox.lv logo on a white background
Standard: JPG , EPS
White Inbox.lv logo on a black background
Standard: JPG , EPS

Minimal height and width of the logo

In order to ensure clarity, there is a fized minimum size defined for the logo to reduce.
Original logo can be reduced till 100х23 px 72dpi for Web and 150х34 300 dpi (12,7 x 2,88 mm) for printing.

Placement and clear space requirements
In order to maintain visibility of the logo, located near the texts and other objects, logo should be located at some distance and to have a clear space around it. The distance from logo is measured by the value of X.

In the original Inbox.lv logo there are used 4 colors:
RGB: 255/255/255
CMYK: 0/0/0/0
Pantone: -
HEX: CC0717
RGB: 204/7/23
CMYK: 13/100/100/4
Pantone: 485
HEX: 000000
RGB: 0/0/0
CMYK: 0/0/0/100
Pantone: BLACK C
HEX: 8C8279
RGB: 140/130/121
CMYK: 17/24/25/49
Pantone: Warm Gray 8 C
Inbox.lv logo on the Web can be displayed only with the above shown codes in RGB and CMYK. In programming (HTML) it can be used with HEX, but for printing – Pantone, same shown above.

Acceptable backgrounds
  • The original logo can be used only on a white or black background.
Inbox.lv logo on a white background
Standard: JPG , EPS
Inbox.lv logo on a black background
Standard: JPG , EPS
  • Black and white logos accordingly can be used this way:
Black Inbox.lv logo on a white background
Standard: JPG , EPS
White Inbox.lv logo on a black background
Standard: JPG , EPS

  • Framing can not be applied.
  • If there must be used any one-color background which is not mentioned above, logo can be placed on it only by permission of Inbox.lv. To get a permission, please, contact with a representative of Inbox.lv by email: marketing@co.inbox.lv
  • If the logo should be placed on a colorfull background, it should preferably be located the original logo with white background, as it is shown below:

Incorrect Usage
It is not acceptable:
  • to change the color of the logo or any its element;
  • to place logo on a grey background or background which merges with logo;
  • to use a frame for the logo on any background;
  • to apply various effects (reflection, illumination, etc.);
  • to stretch, rotate or distort logo;
  • changes of any kind, which make the logo to look different from described in this manual.

Other campaign logos
INBOX.LT (SVG, PNG [210x51px], JPG [520x275px])
INBOX.EU (Grey PNG, Black PNG, Red_A PNG, Red_B PNG, Black SVG, Grey SVG, Red SVG)
Mobile applications logo (Inbox.lv SVG, Inbox.lt SVG, Mail.ee SVG, Inbox.la SVG, Inbox.eu SVG)
PP.LV (JPG (170×96), Other versions)

INBOX.EU (OLD logo) (SVG (full logo), SVG (w/o text) (not used))

Logotype fonts – download

Our logotype history:

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