Inbox Mobile: native application is available for Android 4.0 and up

June 17,2013

All Android users with smartphones running Android 4.0 and up now can use a new mobile version of the Inbox Mail – native application, where functionality and speed are several times faster than in the previous version. The main changes are the following:

  • Add attachments to the letters;
  • Preview and save received attachments;
  • Tags for letters – “read”, “unread”, “important”, “not important”;
  • New mail notification with the ability to set “quiet time”;
  • Compact message display type;
  • Updated design as close as possible to the standard design of Android;
  • Additional features when working with contacts.

“Native” app also features the original functionality of previous Inbox Mobile versions, including:

  • Moving messages into folders;
  • Removing and restoring messages from the trash;
  • Reply to all and forwarding messages to other people;
  • Automatically pre-fill contacts when composing a new message;
  • Default block for remote images in incoming messages (can be set off in application settings).

So far, there is no possibility to change the language in the native application – the language is determined by the settings of the phone.

For easier communication on the wishes and problems of the Inbox Mobile application, we have added an option “Send a review to team” to the app settings. All reviews submitted by users are processed and included in the work plan of the technical department. Thank You all for Your e-mails and feedback!

Inbox Mobile native version for Android mobile phones is available here.

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