Public beta testing of mobile application

October 23,2013

The popularity of mobile application is growing rapidly day by day among the owners of Android phones, reaching currently over 120,000 active users per month. To ensure quality of service, each new version of the application goes through the cycle of a thorough internal testing, suggesting the relatively high level of stability of the application.

However, a huge variety of devices that use mobile application, does not allow to test all the possible options in the laboratory. Factors such as connection speed, network specification, devices’ memory amount and other aspects can affect application’s work.

To ensure the quality work of the application on all devices, regardless of their specifications and external factors, team invites everyone to participate in a public beta testing of mobile applications.

Beta testing allows You to be among the first to get the latest version, assist in improving the quality of the product being tested, receive technical support, express Your wishes, as well as communicate directly with the developers and other beta testers via a special forum at!forum/inboxlv-mailapp-for-android-beta-testers.

Anyone can join a team of beta testers and start testing. Follow these steps:

Use the beta version as usual. All future updates will be installed automatically from the Play Store. More detailed information is available in the “Help” section.

Don’t forget to report bugs!

When reporting a bug, provide its detailed description and the steps required to reproduce the problem, as well as the specifications of the used device.

Please report any errors or requests using the feedback form in the app settings. You can also write letters to or leave your comments on the Google forum for the group « MailApp for Android Beta Testers», using new or existing topic.

Remember, beta version is a test application that can have its specifics and be less reliable than the stable version.

Thanks in advance to all who will join the beta testers group and will help us in developing mobile applications for Inbox Mail users. If you have any questions, please write to

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