Inbox is no longer supporting Internet Explorer 7 browser version

January 20,2014

This month plans to remove the product support for Internet Explorer 7, because it is very outdated. It uses code developed in 2006 that serves only Windows XP SP2 users, as well as Internet Explorer 7 in total does not meet the current requirements of web – browser features are outdated, slow and user-unfriendly. The latest version of Internet Explorer can be downloaded here. As well, there are many other browsers that satisfy the needs of users very well- Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari.

If at first website looks differently from what you’ve expected, do not worry because it can be changed! The issues that users encounter most often are:

  • images are not displayed,
  • the menu is displaced,
  • text boxes are displayed together.

These problems can occur when a specific site is not compatible with the Internet Exporer browser. These problems can be solved quite simple by using the button ” Compatibility View”. Detailed description of how to do this can be found here.

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