InboxID for authorization on other portals

June 6,2012

Earlier this year a new project – InboxID – was implemented on portal InboxID is a system that allows Internet users to use a single account for access to a variety of unrelated sites, portals, blogs or forums.

At the moment, this solution has been successfully used in the new project Inbox Apps and the authorization button of InboxID now can be found on other Internet portals such as,,, and others.

For access via InboxID use the following buttons:

It should be noted that, if authorization on third party portals along with InboxID offer other authorization methods, there is no distinction in these methods. For all users, who identify themselves via InboxID, services provided by a particular portal will be fully available without any additional registration.

Rest assured that your personal data necessary for authentication via InboxID are forwarded to portals in cipher and can be used only to identify the user. These data cannot be used for any other purposes. offers its technical and advisory assistance in the InboxID integration process, which, we are sure, will not take much of your time and effort. For more information about using InboxID on your site, please, click here.

To connect InboxID to Your portal, please, fill out the request form.

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