Meet our creative project manager Janis Kurpnieks

July 16,2012

Inbox Company – has 10 years history and during these years is working “on” and “for” its users. But it is not only technologies, computers and programmes. Primarily it is friendly team of professionals that we would like You to meet. This time we will have a talk with project manager of Inbox Foto – Janis Kurpnieks.

- Janis, how long are You working for company?
- For Inbox I am working since the middle of June of the past year, i.e. for already one year.
- Since what moment have You become Inbox Foto project manager?
- In Inbox Foto project I was engaged at once, but manager I became … I hope since this winter.
- What do You think, why exactly You were chosen to be a manager?
- I think that I attracted attention because I was really interested in this project, saw the ways of its improving.
- And how You personally evaluate Inbox Foto product from the user point of view?
- I am sure, that it has the future. With every version we try to improve it with useful, actual and necessary apps, as well as improve errors.
- One of your hobbies is photography. Does it help You in Your work? How exactly?
- Certainly! Thanks to this hobby among my friends there are a lot of photographers I am happy that I can discuss the project, its possibilities and improvements.
- What new will appear on in the near future?
- Upgrade of voting, tops, navigation improvements and many more, but I won’t open all the cards!
- What exactly You like in
- Work atmosphere and our team! And fantastic view on Riga and Daugava from the windows our office.
- Thank You for Your time and Good luck!

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