New improved version of Inbox Foto

July 17,2012

Inbox Foto is the largest storage of Your photographs in Latvia. It has more than 14 millions photos an every month it is used by more than 220 000 latvians. In order to use this service You will need only your Inbox e –mail user name and password and switching between Inbox Foto and Inbox e-mail is just a question of one click.

Particular features of Inbox Foto are its functionality and simplicity – everything is easy and understandable. We constantly are improving this section and recently we have released new version of this product.

Total amount of improvements and innovations is more than 20, but we would like to go through the main points that will be interesting as for our experienced users and also for the new ones.

  1. Seriously improved mechanism of photo upload, that helps to upload more photos for the same period of time. The list of files formats was added that could be stored on Inbox Foto – on the moment, for example, saving of archives is also possible.
  2. Effect amount is increased? Using these effects You can process and improve the look of Your photography. Recently were added possibilities to change brightness, contrast and saturation of photo. Using saturation effect You can turn any of Your photo into black and white and it means that photo will become more artistic.
  3. Old effects are also available as well, such as red eye filter, improvement of the quality of photo, cropping and rotation. Pay Your attention that not only rotation is possible on any angle, but also mirror rotation of the photo. Do not be afraid to use the effects in Your experiments with photos! Remember, You can always restore the original image.
  4. Photo download system is improved – now it is simple and faster, with just on click.

Detailed information about the others changes here

We will be glad to see Your photos on Inbox Foto!

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