Inbox Sites product has a new logo

November 1,2012

Old logo with links of chain was replaced by a new one, the globe. Graphically, the new logo was made without the 3D effect, thus keeping the overall style of logos.


In our opinion, the new logo reflects the bottom line of the product much better. After all, Inbox Sites is the place of Your favorite Internet links, which will always be on hand at the right moment. You can add new links, group them in categories, modify and use the links anywhere in the world and from any computer or mobile phone connected to the Internet.

Do not forget that Inbox Sites has a useful feature – URL shortener. Long links often uselessly take up space in your articles and websites, and sometimes even scare users. Make them shorter, reducing their address up to nearly 3-4 times. Practical for You and user-friendly for others. Try it!

At school, at work, at home or while travelling – Your favourite links are always with You!

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