Inbox Foto – introducing redesigned first page!

March 5,2013

In the first days of spring, Inbox Foto is here to please the users with a new design of the first page. The following major changes can be noted from the big scope of innovations:

For all the time Inbox Foto exists, our users have uploaded a lot of public pictures – beautiful landscapes, panoramas of cities around the world, exclusive moments from everyday life, professional macro, nature, animals, art, and much more. The mission of our Editor is to select the best works hidden in the depths of Inbox Foto and display them in this section. Editor’s list is updated daily.

This photos’ and videos’ top is based on the results of Inbox Foto users’ reviews. While viewing public photos, vote for Your favorite author’s works. Photos with the highest number of «Like” marks will be placed on the front page of the portal.
Also, for convenience, our voting system has been simplified. For each photo You can set only one “Like” (if You like the photo) or remove it (if your opinion has changed).

This top has been redesigned in the new version of Inbox Foto. List of users, who have added their latest pictures, was replaced by a separate section with all the downloaded pictures and videos sorted by date added. This gallery is available on the first page of Inbox Foto.

  • Contests – participate, vote, and win!

In the new version of the design, a special place was given to the competitions, which Inbox Foto conducts frequently. Now information about the ongoing, new and past competitions can always be found on the first page of the portal. It should be noted that the topics selected for the competitions are simple and interesting – participation is possible for everyone!

Inbox Foto, as always, offers experienced and novice photographers photo printing services, editing tools, effects, and 10 GB of free space to store video and photos with the ability to share them with friends and family at any time.

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Comments (2)

  1.  Ilja, March 25, 2013  04:22

    Ochenj dazhe neploho

  2.  timur, March 14, 2013  11:07

    Хорошая идея, красиво.