Password recovery for account via Your phone

November 3,2014 portal is enhancing password recovery options for users. A new way to recover the password using Your phone is added to existing methods of “secret question” and “alternative mail”.

Using a mobile phone is one of the easiest and fastest way to recover your password. All You need is access to a phone number that has been entered and verified in the user’s profile.

To activate this function, You must perform the following steps:

  • Go to the section “Password Recovery” in the mail settings,
  • Add the phone number in the “mobile phone” field. Save changes,
  • Read SMS message from, which comes to the mobile phone,
  • Verify your mobile phone number, using the confirmation code from the SMS message,
  • Save changes.

If everything was done correctly, after You’ve received message about successful verification this mobile phone number can be used for password recovery.

Remember, password loss is no reason to worry. There are several simple ways to restore the password to the account, if the user’s profile contains the necessary information. recommends not to postpone profile data entry and spend just a couple of minutes of your time to confirm your mobile phone number and data for alternative mail in profile settings.


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