on LG Smart TV – project officially closed.

January 15,2015

As of November 1, 2012, Latvian mail service together with LG Electronics launched the first e-mail application for SMART TVs – INBOX. The main aim of the company SIA “Inbokss” in developing the project was the desire to offer users of the portal another new way to access mail – through TV, just lying on the couch, while watching favorite shows and movies.

Due to the fact that users prefer to use e-mail directly on your PC or mobile phone, in 2015 the project was closed, which means that the Inbox application has been removed from all LG Smart TVs.

If you actively used on your LG Smart TV – don’t worry! We have an alternative that will be just as simple and convenient as the app! This alternative option is mail program on your Smart TV, which works with POP3/IMAP protocols. If you want to use your inbox mailbox on one of the available mail programs, you need to set the following settings which you can find here.

And – do not forget that anyone can download and use mobile application that works on phones with Android or iOS operating system!

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