Inbox Contacts – backup copy plus synchronization of phone and mail contacts!

June 16,2015 portal is launching a new product to work with contacts under the name of Inbox Contacts. The service is built on a new technological platform due to which options of work with contacts have been significantly widened.

First of all it is worthy to pay attention to significant information increase for each particular contact – now a contact can have unlimited number of e-mail addresses, phones, postal addresses. Also now there is an opportunity to add userpic, web page address, comment and other data.

In the new version it is possible to organize contacts by groups. For this it is necessary to create a new group and to move needed contacts there.

By default all contacts from mail have been moved to automatically created group named “ALL”. This group is a basic one. If you delete a contact in this group it will be deleted forever, without an opportunity to restore it.

By every group a number of contacts in this group is indicated.

In Inbox Contacts old functions have been saved, such as Contact builder and Import contacts which are meant to help in updating or creating an address book out of all existing e-mail addresses and other mail services and programs.

New product Inbox Contacts is a centralized storage space for user’s contacts. After this project had been launched all inbox products were successfully switched to work with Inbox Contacts including mobile app

When using mobile app, with every authorization an account contact synchronization will be requested. After successful execution all contacts from mail will be available in address book of the phone, and Inbox Contacts product will have contacts from the phone or other accounts.

Synchronization of contacts will be performed automatically for all time of work with mobile app until the user closes the app or disables the function in the settings. recommends to always use the option of synchronization of contacts – it can be handy in many cases: when it is necessary to reset the phone to zero but without bothering with import/export of contacts or if you want to use a single address book for several phones.

Inbox Contacts is also a backup copy of contacts – regardless of where and when a new contact will be saved or edited, upon switching on synchronization and Internet the information about changes will be added both to Inbox Contacts product and phone book of any other synchronized gadget. You are welcome to try!

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