Inbox Mail: new smileys, contact section and other features!

June 16,2015

Inbox Mail new version has become available since the beginning of this summer and, apart from technical improvements, some nice little features have been added and they will please users for sure.

We are happy to announce to those who cannot imagine work with mail without smileys that the new Inbox Mail version has not only updated, more «friendly» smileys, but their number has increased. Instead of old 21 smileys now as many as 84 are available! Among those added there are quite unusual ones at the first glance – black and white.

Also the text formatting editor used in writing letters has been updated – it gave users two new functions:
Image insertion into your letter. When you use this option an image will be added not as an attachment (separate
file) but directly to the content of your letter.
Quick tables insertion into letters.

When you open a letter with attachments there are two new icons that have replaced test buttons:
attachments are displayed as a list,
preview of attached files.

Additionally, such important function as «automatic letter saving» has been improved. If for some reason (mailbox or letter form was closed accidentally, internet connection was disrupted etc.) your mail has not been successfully sent to recipient not it can be found in the “Drafts” folder. All unfinished user’s letters are automatically saved in this folder.

Inbox Mail now operates with a new product Inbox Contacts which brought the following changes in the form for letter writing when you are working with contacts:

  • From the right side, after opening contact panel, the limit for contact number displaying has been removed. Now all contacts from the user’s address book are shown.
  • All contacts that are added to the letter have become editable! After clicking a contact a drop-down menu appears, with options of editing, deleting and viewing information about the added e-address.
  • New visual display for incorrecly typed e-addresses has been added – all incorrecly typed addresses will be marked with red colour what makes the errors more visible for user’s eyes.
  • Limit of 250 added addresses for one mail has been established. In case of surpassing the limit the user will be notified with relevant warning.

Finally, a couple of words about the function that has been available for some time and still arouses questions of our users – a letter with stipple line in the list of letters. The stipple line marks the letter that has been viewed by the user just now. Going from folder to folder or from letter to letter you can always find the last opened letter in the current directory.

We hope that users will like the aforementioned improvements and that they will make work with mail much more comfortable and easy!

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