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July 7,2016

Everyone of us knows that the most convenient, fastest and cheapest way to travel is to drive with car – especially when you’re driving together with Unlike the public transport, in car you always have a free seat.

From the beginning of this year, portal have successfully joined the Inbox products. This portal gives the opportunity to to use the site for free and find a passenger or driver in a certain direction.

How does it work?

Everyone portal user have access to information about planned trips (travel time, route, number of free seats, type, driver’s name and phone). If you want to find the required trip, you can use the search form who is located in the portal under section “Routes”.

User who want to add a new route, need to register or login using Inbox, Facebook or Twitter account. Once the registration or authorization has been approved, you can go to the section “Add route” and enter the following data:

• Your name and phone
• Status (driver or passenger)
• The starting point and destination
• Stops (if required)
• Date and time of the trip
• Number of seats
• Luggage (Yes / No)
• Additional information (Notes, if necessary)
           Come into, find the best travel offers and make new friends!

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