Inbox Mobile – 2016 release review!

December 28,2016

2016 is rapidly coming to an end and Inbox team would like to sincerely thank all the users of the portal and especially – mobile application users! In 2016 year, number of application users reached about 100 thousand a week, which is 25% more than last year. In general, over the past two years, mobile application users increased almost twice, which indicates that the application is even more convenient and user-friendly. It should be noted that Inbox application has become an inseparable component of many users daily life, because regardless of the weather, holidays, etc. factors, there is no significant changes in audience size.

This year’s most significant innovations to Android phone users – mobile avatars rendering in mobile application and Inbox Calendar sync to the phone’s built-in calendar. At the same time – our attention was also focused on stabilizing application’s work in various mobile devices, especially on Xiaomi phones, in which before using our app you need to take additional actions on your phone. In this year, great efforts have been devoted to synchronization, which, as mentioned above, especially necessary for Inbox Calendar.

This year’s most significant innovations to iOS phone users is new auto-complete functionality which helps you to quickly enter the recipient’s e-mail address and also allows you to share video files using the mobile app. Once again, iOS system updates gave us new surprises, but thanks to the talented Inbox app developer’s team, application work on the iOS 10 was restored in a very short period of time. appreciates its user loyalty – thank you very much! In the next year we will continue to work on the development of mobile applications, supplementing them with new functionalities for Android and iOS system users.

! Remember that mobile application is completely free and available for download in the Google Play Store and iTunes stores.

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