Inbox Calendar in your mobile phone!

December 26,2016

Calendars are an integral part of our lives! In calendar, we tend to mark important meetings, phone calls, tasks, events and other important things. For many people, each new day begins directly with the revision of the calendar.

Inbox team offers its own version of the Calendar – it allows you organize data about upcoming events and meetings, and, which is important – it will always be by your hand – on your mobile phone, tablet, in your laptop or any other device!

How it works?

Inbox Calendar is available at the following address or through the button “Calendar” which is located in the top toolbar in your mailbox Inbox Mail. Calendar web version offers three options for displaying events: week, month or day.

In the left side you can see a list of available calendars which you can include or exclude from the display. Events in each calendar are displayed in different colors, allowing you to better navigate the schedule.
When you create a new event, Inbox by default will place this event in the first calendar that appears on the left toolbar. Set as the first calendar one that is used most often – for work or personal needs. This can be done in the calendar settings, simply by dragging the desired calendar up or down.

How to use a calendar with your friends, family or colleagues?

Be aware of the planned activities together with friends, family or co-workers! To share the same calendar with your friends, family or colleagues, open Settings and click on the button “Share”. Here you enter full participant’s e-mail address and select calendar access type – “Read only” or “Full access.” If you choose to provide full access, then the participant will have the opportunity not only to look at the calendar, but also to make changes in events.

Inbox Calendar in your phone!

There are two ways that you can use Inbox Calendar in your mobile phone and other devices.

Type 1 (recommend to those who use phones with Android operating system):

1) Install mobile application on your phone (Google Play)
2) Log into your mailbox.
3) During the first sing-in time, allow calendar synchronization, or check whether synchronization is enabled (Settings – Synchronization – Calendar Sync On)
4) After synchronization is switched on, Inbox Calendar with all connected calendars and events will be automatically added to your phone’s calendar application.
5) If you add new events, edit or delete existing events on your mobile phone or in the web version, Inbox will automatically update the calendar on your device.

You can use the Inbox Calendar on your mobile phone only if you are logged in to your mailbox through the Mobile Application Do not forget to turn on the calendar synchronization.

Type 2:

You can set Inbox Calendar sync in your phone using the CalDAV protocol. CalDAV account can be added to your phone settings. Sync enables you to view and make changes to events in Inbox Calendar using another calendar applications on your mobile phone. If changes are made in one of the calendar applications, they will synchronize once Inbox Calendar connect to the internet.

More detailed information about how to install Inbox Calendar on some of the most frequently used applications (MS Outlook, Thunderbird Lightning, iOS, etc.), see section Inbox Calendar – Calendars – Connect.

Use Inbox Calendar and never forget about your plans!

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