The product of Meteo ceases functioning from 01/17/2019.

January 17,2019 receives information in relation to meteorological data and weather forecasts from two independent data sources.
One of them is Weather Underground, on the basis of which the data related to current weather conditions are displayed by the product of Meteo.

The other is (Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). The meteorological data source was added two years ago as the first page of the portal was redesigned. Currently, in virtually every product, you can see a brief current weather summary at the top of the page. The meteorological data service offers its users a greater amount of data based on the user’s geolocation. If you wish, you can get more detailed information about the weather a few days ahead or see the weather forecast for other countries.

Currently, users mostly use meteorological data, and, unfortunately, Meteo has lost its popularity. Given this, a decision to cease the function of the service of Meteo was taken, beginning from 17 January 2019. When opening the link users will be automatically redirected to the home page of the website.

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