Each of us spends most of our working hours in the office and certainly it is very important that we could go to work with pleasure. We often hear “how important” are the office location, work environment and atmosphere to our employees so already for several years now our constant task is to provide a good working conditions and environment.

    Our office is located in one of the UNESCO historical protection zones – Kipsala, in where still contains classicism, baroque and art Nouveau buildings, Kipsala is also a place where are you can find various important public buildings – international exhibition center, swimming pool, Riga Technical University, Latvian ceramics and arts center and of course, Kipsala yacht harbor, which delights our eyes with charming panorama of the Old Town.

   Office building “Ostas Skati” (Matrožu street 15) is equipped with functional and modern working rooms and all the necessary technical equipment. We also have our own free parking place, gym and showers. If you look through our office windows, you can see the left coast of the River Daugava - this beautiful view reminds a photo wallpaper, which positively affects employees quality of work.

     As we mentioned before, our office building is located in one of the most exclusive districts of Riga, which is easily reachable. Every morning and evening employees can use a free minibus that drives along the route Kipsala – Ostas Skati

OstasSkati, but this is not the only advantage of our company – every day we can enjoy small pleasures as tasty coffee, fresh buns, biscuits, sweets and fruits.

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