no longer supports Internet Explorer 6

September 4,2012

No matter how sad it would be to part with Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), we must admit that time goes on. With the development and release of new versions, our products become more advanced technically. Old browser versions are no longer compatible with new modern technologies and standards.

It’s become hard to support the work of our products for IE6, technically. Corrections of any problems of this browser took more time than it used to earlier. Often, these were not even corrections, but rather just “patches” that were made exclusively for IE6. Besides, this browser hardly supports proper display of web pages and has stopped to ensure the security of Your online experience.

The number of users who use this browser for is less than 1% and their number continues to drop gradually. Therefore, this August, we decided to officially end support for IE6 browser for all products.

If earlier You could use our products at minimum level using IE6, now You will be automatically redirected to a page with information about upgrading Your browser. For Your convenience, the information on this page contains direct links for downloading and installing the new version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer version 8 is recommended for the operating system Windows XP / Windows 2003 ( Recommended version for Windows Vista/Windows7 is Internet Explorer version 9 (

In case web page doesn’t redirect You automatically, You will see a yellow message box at the top of the screen. This box displays information that You are using an older version of the browser, which needs to be updated by clicking on the link (

If You are using a computer without permission to install and update software by yourself, contact Your administrator to do it.

Remember that if You cannot update Your web browser because of the compatibility issues (for example, using an older version of the browser for the operation of certain software), or for another reasons, You have an option to install any other Internet browser, e.g., Mozilla Firefox (recommended), Google Chrome, etc.

All internet browsers perform the same basic functions, are easy to use and completely free. Update takes no more than 5 minutes of Your time. Thank You in advance!

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