Mobile phone operators end support for the service of SMS notification upon the receipt of a new email.

January 17,2019

For many years, has been offering the possibility for its users to receive a text message to their phone numbers in the case of them receiving a new email. This feature is technically performed by two parties: is responsible for sending this notification, and the mobile phone operator is responsible for its delivery to a phone number in the form of an SMS message.

For many years, this feature had been very popular with users, but it has lost its relevance due to smartphone and mobile application development. Mobile phone operators are beginning to end support for such a service.

Currently, the delivery of SMS messages upon the receipt of a new email is no longer officially supported by mobile phone operators such as: TELIA Lietuva ( and BITE Latvia.

If you wish to continue receiving notifications upon the receipt of new emails, recommends you to use a mobile application, that offers many convenient and useful features:

- instant email notifications
- convenient viewing of any email
- the possibility of writing an answer
- fast email forwarding
- viewing the files received
- work with folders, filters
- synchronising your contacts and calendar
- complete absence of advertising and many other things! application is available free of charge on the Play Market and App Store: Play Market App Store

Should you have any questions or problems in relation to setting up mail notifications, please don’t hesitate to send us a message to, and we will help you!

P.S. We recommend old phone users or users of phones with Android 4.2.2 (or with an Android version below 4.2.2) to use built-in email clients and to work with emails using POP3 or IMAP mail protocol. Accessing mail through POP3 and IMAP is available both for users who use the service based on paying a fee and for users who use it without paying a fee.

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