Using passwords that are publicly available or easy to guess is not safe!

febrero 14,2019

Your password is the first and main element in protecting your mailbox against unauthorised access. If you use a password that is too simple, the risk of someone breaking in to your mailbox becomes very high, despite all other security measures.

User data are leaked all the time on the internet, with social networks, dating sites, gaming services and other websites that store personal data of their users being under constant threat.

Attackers are primarily interested in top websites with large numbers of users. Successful break-ins result in passwords becoming public, expanding the lists of known passwords.

Finding these lists is very easy. They are publicly available to anyone on the internet. There are plenty of sources if you look this topic up in a search engine. Anybody who intends to break in to someone else’s mailbox will definitely use these lists. uses a large number of additional methods to protect its users, which includes sending various notifications to them.

If you receive a warning reminding you to change the password in your mailbox, please do not ignore it!

An insecure password notification warns you that the combination of characters you currently use as a password may be one of the first in the list of those tried by people attempting a break-in, which makes your mailbox vulnerable and easily accessible to unauthorised individuals.

If the team tells you that you must change your password, please do not leave this security problem unattended, no matter how much you like your current password or find it convenient. Changing your password takes a couple of minutes; dealing with a break-in will take a lot of time, work and grief.

We also recommend you to try two-factor authentication, whereby accessing your mailbox requires entering not only the password, but also a number shown on your mobile phone. This function makes logging in to your mailbox more secure when you use public-access devices. Read more >>

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