– freely available in more than 2000 WiFi ports in Latvia!

May 29,2012

For those, who have an active lifestyle, who constantly keep track of the latest news, usage of wireless Internet via WiFi ports has become a routine. WiFi technology has given additional freedom to laptop and cell phone users, letting us all become truly mobile and stay in touch with World Wide Web.

Today there are no problems using Internet via WiFi system. Almost every modern technical device supports WiFi technology and includes this option in their standard package. There are plenty of places, where You can use WiFi. Nevertheless You probably have noticed that not any café, restaurant or gas station offers to use this service free of charge.

Being fully aware of the fact that using e-mail, sending files, publishing photos and using other Internet services today is not a luxury but daily necessity, portal offers to its users an important service – Inbox WiFi. The key to this service is the fact that even in the largest paid WiFi port service, provided by Lattelecom, all services You can use absolutely for free.

To save You the trouble of taking the chance and looking for location of WiFi ports yourself, has created a special section, called Inbox WiFi. Here You can find the map of Latvia, where more than 2000 points, where free wireless Internet is available, have been marked already. All points, marked on, are places, where all products are available totally free.

To users’ convenience we have created a WiFi port seeker by cities and by categories: entertainment centers, car shops, car washes, cafes, bars, restaurants, stores, shopping malls and others. We have installed information about how to connect with WiFi as well.

Remember, if You see these signs:

You can be sure that all products here are available free of charge!

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