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May 21,2012

If You ever have come to contact with difficulties sending large files, the following information will definitely be of interest to You.

Let’s say, for example, You have accumulated a large amount of photographs, which You want to share with Your friends. So You start attaching five pictures to every e-mail to Your friend. Most likely around the fifth e-mail You realize that just to give a flash drive to Your friend is easier. Or, for example, You need a presentation to be in a colleague’s e-mail by tomorrow morning, but for some reason it “hangs” about a half gigabyte and refuses to “attach” to the letter.

For such cases, there are services that allow You to store the “heavy” files and send only links to them. In other words, You upload a file on the server, get a link and send it to a friend or colleague, who, in turn, downloads the file or files by following this link.

It would seem – problem solved, but the other problem arises – what kind of service for storing files to choose? Each user has its own scale of priorities, of which he gives preference to a particular service, although most likely the main parameter is the ratio of size (GB) and price.

To ensure that You do not waste your time searching for services and evaluating them, we offer a comparison price table of the most popular companies that offer services for storing and sharing files:

Microsoft SkyDrive Amazon Cloud Drive Dropbox iCloud Inbox Files
Free 25 Gb 5 Gb 2 Gb 5 Gb 10 Gb
10 Gb 20$ a year
20 Gb 20$ a year
25 Gb 40$ a year 12.66$/6.99Ls a year
45 Gb 10$ a year
50 Gb 50$ a year 120$ a year 100$ a year 18.10$/9.99Ls a year
75 Gb 25$ a year
100 Gb 100$ a year 240$ a year 36.21$/19.99Ls a year
125 Gb 50$ a year
* By the rate of Latvijas Banka on 05/18/2012 including VAT

Thus, one of the leaders in the category of the ratio of size (GB) and price is the product Inbox Files. In addition to that, Inbox Files also has major advantage that is the speed of up and downloading – due to the fact that only Latvian Internet traffic is used. Some other advantages are worth to mention, among which – the possibility of parallel download. This feature is available to all users regardless of the subscription type and allows You to simultaneously download more than one file at a time. The maximum size of an uploaded file is 1.5 GB, besides downloading and storing of any file format is supported.

Of course, Inbox Files allows You to work around the clock with uploaded files, share them with friends and acquaintances, and allows publishing links to Your files on Internet forums or other websites.

We remind You, if You already are a member of, to start uploading files, You don’t need to register again. Simply log on with the same login and password You use to access Your mailbox or to use other Inbox products. To start using either paid or free version of Inbox Files right now, just go to

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