Need a help? Interview with Evija Gricjunaite, customer support manager

October 1,2012

Customer service has always been one of the main priorities. For users to find assistance in the shortest possible time the unorthodox online environment solution has been offered – not only electronic but also communication by telephone. We invited for an interview the person responsible for this department – customer support manager Evija Gricjunaite. has been the leading internet portal in Latvia for five consecutive years. Why do you think is that?

I joined the team in 2007, at a time when we started leading. That put additional responsibility – to get to the top is one thing, but to hold on – is quite another. Internet users have a choice among many sites. They choose the best! The fact that in five years we have consolidated our positions, shows that users are satisfied with our work.

Why do you think people don’t just give up and move to another email provider, but are seeking for help and try to resolve problems?

The answer is obvious – one call and the issue resolved! users have the option to communicate via e-mail, Skype or telephone. Above all, preference is given to e-mail, but those who want to get an answer immediately, call. It’s a way to instantly get a specific answer and avoid misunderstandings. offers many services and products. You are bound to daily encounter the most unexpected questions…

My job is more than one party. The basic foundation is to be perfectly aware of everything about and around services and products. I have to predict all the possible issues. Before starting the real job, I spent a month exploring a variety of site working principles. Even now launching a new product my first task is to supplement the knowledge. The second point is the communication itself because the more people the more different situations. In this job I must be able to adapt to all possible situations – what is obvious and understandable to one can be difficult to other. This is where the telephone communication really comes trhough.

What was the most exiting event is this five-year period?

I remember many interesting incidents – they not only improve your mood, but also make everyday life more colorful. More recently happened something I’m not likley to forget! End of the working day, “head sings.” Ring, ring! I pick up and hear my girlfriend’s voice with whom I plan to go to the theater after work. I tell her that the plans have not changed and the meeting remains. But it turns out that the caller was an user, who had a pressing issue. Luckily, she was understanding and I quickly realized my mistake. We had a laugh and got to resolving her problem.

Finally, I wanted to find out – what means to you?

This is a major part of my life. First, the work I’m very pleased with! Our office environment encourages acting, thinking. About my colleagues I can say only the best – they are knowledgeable, responsive. Second, I daily use for almost a decade. At first used just the e-mail, now have acquired other products as well. Say, Inbox Fun – for moments, when you just want to get away from work. Throug I get a sense of the newest world trends in e-media development and I am pleased to be able to directly participate in it!

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