The mobile app is about to come out

October 4,2012

After several months of intense work email mobile application is coming to an advanced stage. At present the transition from alpha version to beta version, when the users will be able to test the application, is running. Mobile version will be available to Android (via Google Play store) and iPhone (App Store) smartphone owners.

Along with the rapid rhythm of life electrical devices occupy important role in our daily lives, which is constantly increasing. According to TNS survey, made in May 2012, about 12% of the Latvian Internet users connect to the network via smartphone.

In January 2012 began a mobile application development and after nine months of hard work it is coming to an end. Working with IMAP technology, the process dragged on, but the e-mail security is greatly increased. In the mobile e-mail application everything You need to fully use it will be available: the opportunity to receive, write and send e-mails, to sort them in different folders and to synchronize the contacts.

We welcome Your comments and suggestions to our e-mail Your opinion matters – thanks to it e-mail mobile application will be exactly like You wish it to be!

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