Use your SEB, Swedbank, PayPal and credit cards to pay for photo printing!

October 11,2012

Not so long ago we offered only Swedbank online bank to pay for photo printing in Inbox Foto. However, as of today, the list of available payment methods has expanded and we’ve added new payment methods – SEB internet bank, PayPal and credit cards VISA / MasterCard / AMEX.

In this regard, the process of order registration has changed a little bit. Earlier You’ve completed one step order form (with single method for pre-payment), and confirmed it; now You have to fill in and confirm all the necessary information for the order in the beginning, and then go directly to the selection of the desirable payment method. When You move to the selection of payment method, You can choose one method from four available, with the final amount to be paid listed next to each method.

These changes become possible by the successful integration of our new project Inbox Payment – the payment system on the Internet, which controls the receipt and processing of payments. This system is currently used not only for the paid services on, but it is also offered to third parties, partners. You can learn more about the Inbox Payment project via the following link or via the contact form posted here.

Remember that the cost of one photo printing is 0.09 Ls. But if You print more than 50 photos, one photo will cost as low as 0.07 Ls. You can receive printed photos in any branch of Latvijas Pasts throughout Latvia. Order processing takes 2-3 days. If You have any questions on orders, contact us by phone +371 28664600 or e-mail

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