Online Games section has a new game – Oceania!

October 16,2012

A new adventure game named Oceania has been added to Online Games section. Bright, new and interesting game, where the main character is left on a desert island, now he needs to survive, gain the trust of residents and receive the title of governor.

To complete Your look and reach Your goal, everyone has the opportunity to create their own avatar, where You get to choose its appearance, character, clothing. Do not forget about the possibility of using something unusual in Your character’s look, it strengthens the opportunity to win and improves Your position in the eyes of local residents.

However, do not assume that everything will be very simple and easy. Residents of the desert island are very distrustful to strangers, and to get the top prize, You will have to work hard: build Your island, find valuable resources in the wild jungles, consider how You will produce valuable timber and help the locals – Papuans. Of course, You can’t survive on the island without food – corn, tomatoes or other plants. Your income will depend on Your yield, but You will have to think of a way how to do it effectively.

But the most important thing for the future governor is Your reputation. While constructing buildings around the island, do not forget that desert island needs not only useful constructions, but also the beautiful scenery. For all Your interesting fantasies, providing help to the hungry animals, in time cut yield You can receive special awards and praise, which is undoubtedly useful for the future governor.

Immerse yourself in a real mysterious island full of adventure and mystery with Inbox Games.

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