Inbox Mobile app – more convenient and user-friendly

May 22,2013

Inbox Mobile application has become more user-friendly and convenient. We have taken into account our users’ suggestions and wishes and significantly improved our application. Access to the contact list has become easier, and now You can enter addresses automatically. Especially good news we have prepared for Android and iPhone users – now they have automatic notifications for incoming e-mail.

One of the Inbox Mobile improved functions is the access to contacts saved in the Inbox Mail. Now the contacts will be sorted in alphabetical order and available together with the phone contacts. In addition we have introduced an automatic address input feature. Now, when You enter the recipient’s e-mail after the first letters entered the application will suggest to choose the address from the contacts list.

Also, from now on, Inbox Mobile Application users will be able to move letters to other folders and restore previously deleted e-mails from “Trash” folder.

Android and iPhone users who use Inbox Mobile Application version 2.4 now have a new feature – automatic notifications of incoming e-mails.

If the application is activated, a sound alert will announce a received e-mail, if the application is disabled, an envelope’s icon will appear on the screen. E-mail notification will also show the the sender and subject of the e-mail. If user has more than one new mail, the notification will state the number of letters received. These notifications will automatically disappear once the user opens Inbox Mail application. If necessary, the automatic notification feature can also be turned off.

We hope that these improvements will make the usage of Inbox Mobile application easier and more comfortable. We would love to continue to hear your suggestions and wishes for product development sent to email address!

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  1.  Laima, May 24, 2013  11:46

    Tiešām,ļoti skaista aplikācija…!