– let’s do good deeds together!

September 9,2013

We, team, believe that Latvia has lots of creative, capable and talented people, so we think we should try to help those people. This is the reason why will further provide informative support for charity organization «Labie Darbi» and we will offer our users to find out information about organization’s projects and vote for them on website.

«Labie darbi» projects’ contest will be held in two rounds, at first the jury will choose 15 most successful ideas every month, which then will be passed on for public voting. Latvians will decide, which project will be sponsored.

«Labie darbi» section is located on the left side of the toolbar on website or by entering in the browser’s address bar. The section includes all projects, selected by the jury and available for public voting. Every user can read the description and view photos of the project, sort the projects by necessary sponsorship amount or votes’ count. Ideas that have already received necessary votes’ amount to gain sponsorship, are starred.

Any person can take part in the contest and win sponsorship up to 5000 Ls. Main condition — the project must correspond with educational, cultural, artistic, sports or ecological theme and its content must differ from the projects that have already been brought to life.

Charitable organization «Labie darbi» has began its work in 2010 with a purpose to promote personal development and professional growth of Latvian citizens. Since that time, more than 190 socially notable projects have been fulfilled in various fields.

It is amazing to see how many of our countrymen are willing to take the initiative, invest their time and efforts and improve the conditions and life quality of other people. We,, are happy that we can participate in this process, inform as many people as possible about those pioneers and offer opportunity to support them. Let’s do good deeds together!

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