New location for language switcher!

January 14,2014 has changed language switcher’s location for all its products, moving it from the left side of the control panel to the right. This innovation is intended to alert the user to the presence of all products versions in Latvian, Russian and English languages.

Instead of an outdated text lists, a drop-down list is now used to display languages. Design change is implemented in order to significantly simplify the further addition of translated content and make it without any new additional changes. New languages will be available in the near future for some products.

Following changes have also been made:

  • small improvements in displaying “user profile” for authorized users: after clicking on a user name, an additional form opens, which contains information about name, surname and link to Help section, as well as buttons “user profile” and “exit”. Text greeting “Welcome …” has been removed.
  • for unauthorized users “Help” section is missing from the top panel products and is now only available at the bottom of the page (in the “footer”).

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