Attention! Another virus is spread on the internet!

March 7,2014

Once again, the scammers are phishing banking data of residents of Latvia. In this case, the second wave of messages containing a hazardous computer virus has been detected on the Internet.

The virus is distributed via fake emails that pretend to be sent in name of organizations associated with finances and taxes, besides, sender address is not always placed on Latvian domains (.lv). The subject of messages containing malicious virus often includes some complaints allegedly forwarded to any financial institutions, and of course there is a virus file in attachment.

If You receive the message containing any .zip, .rar or .exe file, do not open it! At first, evaluate suspicious e-mail and get sure that You really know sender, also make sure that Your computer has an up-to-date antivirus software installed. If You think that You have received suspicious message, You should ignore it’s content and delete it immediately from Your mailbox. In case, You think it is really addressed to You, before You open the attachment, please, contact the sender to make sure of the authenticity of the received message.

If you have, however, opened the attachment of a suspicious e-mail and you think there might be a virus, immediately discontinue using the computer and scan it for viruses or seek computer specialist’s assistance. Use of the computer may be resumed only after making sure the virus and all of its components have been removed from the computer. After cleaning is complete, all passwords used on the infected computer must be changed.

Attention! Due to the fact that the virus continues to actively spread on the Internet, users, please, be very careful when dealing with personal data. To ensure safety and to avoid mailbox hacking, please change Your password, security question, the answer to the secret question and update personal information. Also, please do not use the password of Your mailbox for registration on the other Internet resources.

We suggest you to view more detailed information about these letters, provided by CERT.LV.

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